21 - 23 November 2019 

The Third Line is pleased to announce its participation in Abu Dhabi Art with a solo presentation featuring works by the Iranian-born American artist, Pouran Jinchi.


Drawing inspiration from traditional Iranian literature and Persian-type calligraphy, Jinchi is fascinated by the power of language. She is attracted to systems of communication and explores this curiosity by creating new frameworks for visual storytelling. As a result of the artist’s classical training as an engineer, her works often emerge from calculated, ritualistic and repetitive processes that adhere to self-imposed restrictions.


Distorted, warped, and reformed, Jinchi abstracts individual letters into thin metal strips, delicately cut and clustered together in her hanged copper piece ‘Untitled #3’ (2013), from her series The Blind Owl. In an alternate play on typography, she sews together methodically scattered puzzle-like segments using handmade paper and copper thread to produce ‘Stiched’ (2015).


In her recent works, Jinchi underlines the parallels between art and military transmission codes as she embeds cryptic messages within her pieces, which appear as indecipherable patterns to the untrained eye. The artist pushes the boundaries of abstraction, traversing linguistic frontiers in her reinterpretation of the art of military coding in ‘Morse Code Blue’ (2016).


This booth presents samples from a range of Pouran Jinchi’s practice, exemplifying her various takes on visual communication while showcasing the artist's different experiments with linguistic systems. In essence, a great example of her own artistic mission as described here “I try to communicate between the space where words are seen and visuals are experienced.”