18 - 21 November 2015 

The Third Line is pleased to be returning to the 7th edition of Abu Dhabi Art and will be showing a solo presentation by New York-based Iranian artist Pouran Jinchi.


A site-specific installation by Farhad Moshiri will also be displayed as part of the fair’s Beyond section, which features large scale sculptural works. 


The solo presentation at the booth will exhibit new and recent works by Pouran Jinchi, including works on paper, hammered marks on copper, permanent ink markers on plexiglas and scratched impressions on graphite paper. A testament to the artist’s continued exploration of the asemic, the works explore the liminal space between the legible and the abstract within the realm of the textual. Her engagement with myriad media to deconstruct the textual is evidenced by the variety of forms her work has taken, whilst all stemming from the same point.


In the Blind Owl series, Pouran takes inspiration, and content, from a publication of the same name, penned in the late 1930s by Sadegh Hedayat. This seminal piece of 20th century literature explores a grim fascination with death and for the most part was banned in Iran.


The Hammered copper works, where Pouran has left the diacritical marks in place and has removed the text, reveal the rhythm and the musicality that can emerge from text even when divorced from the verbal meaning.


In a new body of work, the graphite paper works possess a magnetism that suggest the metaphysics at work, which Pouran taps into through these repetitive, painstakingly mastered exercises. They continue her explorations of the aesthetics of text, in this case almost recalling primal forms of mark-making, despite the fact that her point of departure is such a disciplined and deeply honed practice.