db ArtMag: Shirin Aliabadi (Nov 2013)

November, 2013

db ArtMag: Shirin Aliabadi (Nov 2013)

Deutsche Bank ArtMag - Issue 77. The Subversive Potential of Hermès Scarves - Shirin Aliabadi discloses the desires of young Iranian women

Urban living environments are the subject of the exhibition “Stadt in Sicht”, which can be seen in Dortmund’s Museum am Ostwall until the beginning of August. Among the most surprising works in this show from the Deutsche Bank Collection are the photographs by Shirin Aliabadi, one of the artists to whom a floor in the Frankfurt Deutsche Bank Towers is devoted. The key topic in the work of this artist, who lives in Teheran, are the wishes and desires of young women in Iran. Achim Drucks looks at Aliabadi’s images of a generation between tradition and western lifestyle.

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