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Peter Dean Rickards, Anuar Khalifi and Kazim Rashid

27 November 2019 - 6 February 2020

Peter Dean Rickards, Anuar Khalifi, Kazim Rashid at The Third Line

Gallery 1: Peter Dean Rickards | The Afflicted Yard

Sole DXB, in collaboration with Afflicted Yard, presents a survey exhibition of works by the late Jamaican artist, Peter Dean Rickards (1969-2014) at The Third Line. This survey exhibition titled The Afflicted Yard takes a look at the vast majority of Rickards’s works, in which he strived to expose Jamaica to the world.

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Gallery 2: Anuar Khalifi | Forever Is A Current Event 

Forever Is A Current EventAnuar Khalifi’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, includes works on canvas exploring the exchange between tradition and the contemporary world. Embodying both the stylistic elements and socio-political spirit of neo-impressionism, Khalifi equips his paintings with metaphors and symbols which bridge visuals of the past with that of a globalised contemporary culture.

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AV Room: Kazim Rashid | Nothing Looks The Same at Night

Third Line is pleased to host the world premiere of Kazim Rashid’s latest video installation Nothing Looks The Same at Night. A nod to WHAM!’s Nothing Looks The Same in The Light, the film’s title speaks to the artist’s fascination with the hours after-dark and how this time of day gives us the place to explore our secret selves—an unfiltered, unapologetic state that the video echoes in its intertwined depictions of man’s impact on Earth and male/female coexistence.

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