Project Space / John Jurayj

Untitled Lebanon (Fragments)

December 08, 2010 - January 06, 2011

  • JJ_Installation Shot 1

  • JJ_Installation Shot 2

  • JJ_Installation Shot 9

  • JJ_Untitled 7[diptych -left ]_2010_Archivaldigitalprintonwatercolorpaper +colordmirror _71.3x 44cmeach -650

  • JJ_Untitled 1_2010_Archivaldigitalprintonwatercolorpaper +colordmirror _46.3x 63cm -650

  • JJ_Untitled 6[diptych ]_2010_Archivaldigitalprintonwatercolorpaper +colordmirror _71.3x 44cmeach -650

  • JJ_Untitled (Bomb 03, 2005)_2007_Oil On Linen _187.9x 213.3cm _650


The Third Line’s Project Spaceends its first year with a solo exhibition of paintings and works on paper by John Jurayj. Each piece visually explores the beauty and destruction inspired from the ongoing Lebanese conflict within a vibrant frame of colour, line and form.

Untitled Lebanon (Fragments) aptlydescribes both literally and aesthetically the dislocation and the instability of Lebanon’s past and current political turmoil in Jurayj’s first solo show at The Third Line and the UAE.