Project Space / Arezu Karoobi

That Obscure Object

October 27 - December 01, 2010

  • AK_Untitled (18)_2010_Gelatin Silver Print On Fiber Paper _18x 24cm _Ed .of 8_650

  • AK_Untitled (02)_2009_Digital Output On Rag Henehmeule Paper _60x 90cm _Ed .of 8_650

  • AK_Untitled (14)_2009_Digital Output On Rag Henehmeule Paper _24x 30cm _Ed .of 8_650

  • That Obscure Object _Installation (4)


The third exhibition at The Third Line’s Projects spacereveals the intimate relationship between the artist and herself, consciousness and unconsciousness. Playing with delicate imagery and a sense of voyeurism, she urges the viewer to look beyond the silhouette to uncover her personal experiences.

Arezu’s series of photographs are not about the body. They present an outlet to the viewer, an entry point to her world. The images are not self-portraits but contextualised layers hidden within the black and white image. There is a story in each image, but one that she will not tell yet urges the viewer to search for - that itself is the purpose of the ‘obscurity’, otherwise it would simply be a photograph.

Inspired by the 1977 French movie entitled “That Obscure Object of Desire” from director Luis Bunuel, through this series, Arezu exposes herself to an audiences eyes, their interpretation and criticism. Her work is less about the body and more about the experience of the soul within the body. She accepts these views and encourages the viewer to also accept hers, for this is yet another experience of her life, and she is ready to capture it.