Project Space / Maha Saab


December 05, 2012 - January 16, 2013

  • MS_S.D.S Prop For Science _2010_Sewn Paper , Paint , Hardware _121.92 X 91.44 X 20.32 Cm _650

  • MS_Forest XYZ_2012_Stamped Metallic Paper ,Water Colour Paper ,Aluminum Wires _195.58 X 218.44 X 35.56 Cm _650

  • MS_Street Of Jewelers _2010_Embridered Paper , Sheet Metal , Paint , Hardware _162.56 X 45.72 X 12.7 Cm _650

  • MS_Trackers _2010_Paint ,paper ,thread ,tape , Hardware _139.7 X 60.96 X 7.62 Cm _650

  • MS_Untitled (Branch Spills )_2012_Enamel On Mylar _55.88 X 55.88 Cm _650

  • MS_Untitled (Chamber Heart Spills )_2012_Enamel On Mylar _55.88 X 55.88 Cm _650

  • MS_Untitled (Gold Stamp )_2012_Monoprint , Enamel On Mylar And Paper _63.5 X 66.04 Cm _650

  • MS_Untitled (Mosaic 1)_2012_Collage , Enamel On Mylar _57.15 X 40.64 Cm _650


For the first time in the Middle East, Maha Saab will be presenting her work in The Third Line’s Project Space. Semblance uses a post-minimalist approach to translate writings and recordings of natural phenomena and ancient Greek concepts of color through form and mixed materials.

Saab’s works include sculptural drawings of paper, steel and paint that pose as reflective semi-abstractions probing the space between the drawn and the solidified; the written and the heard; the evident and the unknown. Rendered beautifully and technically proficient, Saab’s drawings tap into a myriad of cultural forms whilst adopting a formal approach. Post-minimal in their qualities and aesthetics, her sculptures are closely related to her drawings and often question the existence between flatness and volume. Works shown are a continuation of a series the artist began in 2010 made of cut and sewn paper that drew away from the conventions of the square and built in perceptions of materiality and language. Included in this show are pieces such as S.D.S Prop for Science, a reference to a contemporary play on 20th century solar science; Street of Jewelers, a phrase from an Oscar Wilde short story; and Trackers, a partially lost story written by Sophocles. Additionally, a metallic sculpture based on a series of “spill” paintings, by minimalist painter Morris Louis, called Forest XYZ will be on display.