Project Space / Loreta Bilinskaite-Monie


September 23 - October 21, 2010

  • Madafati -Installation View

  • Madafati -Installation View1

  • Madafati -Installation View2

  • Madafati -Installation View3


The second exhibition at The Third Line’s Projects space centres on the idea of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’. Loreta Bilinskaite-Monie presents a selection of embroidered works which tells the story of her life in the UAE and how it inspires her.

Having moved to Dubai in 2003, Loreta has since then developed a connection with the Emirates and the fast diversity it offers. Coming from a country with an historical involvement with textile and tapestry, she has incorporated those roots with the stories and familiarities she has picked up during her years in the Middle East. As a result she has created a pop inspired series after working closely with local craftsmen and embroiderers.

This selection of canvasses, intricately detailed with a variety of colored beads, sequins and thread, reflects her interpretation of the local Emirati culture. Together with these pieces, she has created a video documenting the interaction between her and the craftsmen she worked closely with.