Project Space / Aya Atoui and Manal Elias

A House For A Home

September 12 - October 18, 2012

  • PS - A Heart For A Home


Stemming from a personal exploration to further understand the impact of Dubai’s shape-shifting landscape on one’s personal identity, Atoui and Elias present a series of haunting images that evoke a loss of self in a place where perpetual change and visual disruptions in the urban landscape are the norm. Atoui and Elias further state that living “in a city with a demographic comprising mostly of ‘expats’- a city in a constant state of flux that reinvents and reinterprets itself on a daily basis - is to have no stable sense of one’s identity.” 

The artists used unfinished homes as the backdrop for their projections – relics of the economic crash that evoke a feeling of abandonment post real estate boom. The projections are then documented using long-exposure staged photographs.  Similar to these projections, being an expat in Dubai is to never really belong, but nevertheless adapt. Once projected, these portraits defragment and take on the shape of the building’s façade, before disappearing with no visual trace.