Past Exhibition / Amir H. Fallah

You know where you came from, you know where you are going

September 01 - September 20, 2005

  • AHF_Untitled 3_2005_Acrylic On Paper _20.3x 15.2cm _ 650

  • AHF_The Space Between _2005_Acrylic On Canvas _92x 122cm _650

  • AHF_Julie , Inka , Laura , Ellen _2005_Acrylic On Canvas _50.8x 41cm _650

  • AHF_Ellen ,Ellen ,Ellen _2005_Acrylic On Canvas _50.8x 41cm _650

  • AHF_Alone In The Crowd _58.8x 41.2cm _650

  • AHF_Alone In The Crowd _58.8x 41.2cm _650


Rare will a person cite both 'The Smiths' and TV advertising as artistic influences, but then not everyone is Amir H. Fallah. 

Effectively straddling the gap between east and west, high art and street art, Morrissey and the Sugar Hill Gang, the California-based Iranian artist is concerned with use of space and outerspace, interior and exterior, order and chaos.