Past Exhibition / Golnaz Fathi


June 30 - July 15, 2005

  • GF_Untitled (red Black Circle )_2003_Acrylic On Canvas _153x 125cm _650jpg

  • GF_Untitled (White X)_2003_Acrylic On Canvas _144x 135cm _650

  • GF_Untitled (yellow )_2003_Acrylic On Canvas _150x 120cm _650

  • GF_Untitled Turquoise _2003_Acrylic On Canvas _146x 130cm _650

  • GF_Untitled _2003_Acrylic On Canvas _19x 24cm _650

  • GF_Untitled _2004_Acrylic On Canvas _120x 119cm _650


Trained as a calligrapher, Golnaz Fathi's paintings seem to break all the rules of traditional Persian calligraphy. Her letters are used merely as forms, her verse as her composition. One recognizes that there is script in her work, but her paintings carry meaning that has no known coded alphabet.

The strength of her work stems from the drive to express emotions that cannot be pinned down into words. Fathi's works succeeds where language fails, all things considered, there is solace to be found.