Past Exhibition / Group Show


September 12 - October 27, 2011

  • Thestate

  • AA_Hands Are Holy _2008_X Ray On A Lightbox _120x 80cm _650

  • AAk _All The Borders All The Islands _2008_Pencil On Paper _45x 165x 2cm _650

  • AAk _All The Islands _2008_Pencil On Paper _45x 165cm _(detail 2)_650

  • AHF_The Collector _2010_Acrylic , Watercolor , Ink , Collage , Color Pencil On Paper Mounted To Canvas _152.4x 121.9cm _650

  • FE_Birds _2009_Ink Jet Print Mounted On Aluminium _75x 50cm _650

  • FE_My Last Picture _2009_Ink Jet Print Mounted On Aluminium _40x 60cm _650

  • FM_A Deluxe Appartment In The Sky _2010_Embroidery On Canvas _182cm Diameter _650

  • HH_Blue Boy _2000_Cprint Walnut Wood Frame & Found Object _66x 86.5cm _650

  • HL_Crossing The Red Line _2011_Photo Montage And Painting On Archival Paper _190x 90cm _Detail 1_650

  • HL_Crossing The Red Line _2011_Photo Montage And Painting On Archival Paper _190x 90cm _Detail 2_650

  • James Clar _Nineteen Eighty -Nine _2010_Powder -coated Steel And CCTV Cameras _450 X 120 X 120 Cm _650

  • JHKJ_Khiam _2007_Video Installation _52 Min _Part One _1

  • JHKJ_Khiam _2007_Video Installation _52 Min _Part Two _1

  • JHKJ_Khiam 1 And 2 [men ]_Video Installation _52 Minutes

  • JHKJ_Rounds (Barmeh )_2001_Video _650 (6)

  • JHKJ_Rounds (Barmeh )_2001_Video _650 (title)

  • LK_Untitled (Heads 4of 4)_58.5x 89cm _650

  • LK_Untitled 3_2006_Ink Oil And Crayon On Paper _30x 30cm _650

  • LK_Untitled 4_2006_Ink Oil And Crayon On Paper _30x 30cm _650

  • LK_Untitled 5_2006_Ink Oil And Crayon On Paper _30x 30cm _650

  • Rami Farook _God Save The King _2011_Spray Paint , Acrylic , Metal Door Handle _117 X 70 X 8 Cm _650

  • Sand T_Kidnapping Mountains (Kidnap Over -Here )_2009_Screenprint _120x 176cm _ed .of 10_650

  • Sand T_Resist Resisting God _2009_Mirror Mosaic _100x 150 Cm _ed .of 4_650

  • Sand T_Solidarnosc Pajak _ 2010_Pajak Reed And Thread And Banner Nylon And Thread _240x 160cm _650

  • SH_Ya Reitnee Omree Ma Habeit _2007_Textile , Egyptian Cotton _100x 150cm _detail _650

  • YN_Catherine Deneuve , Paris 2010_Hand Gelatin Silver Print _50x 75cm _ed .of 3_650

  • YN_Shirin Neshat , Casablanca 2007_Hand Coloured Gelatin Silver Print _50x 75cm _ed .of 5_650


Artists: Abbas Akhavan, Huda Lutfi, Arwa Abouon, Amir H. Fallah, Fouad Elkoury, Farhad Moshiri, Hassan Hajjaj, Laleh Khorramian, Slavs and Tatars, Susan Hefuna, Youssef Nabil

To begin the fall season, The Third Line invites guest curator Rami Farook to continue a conversation about the state of the world today. Comprising of works from The Third Line, Traffic and The Farook Collection and exhibiting at the two spaces, the show attempts to question and discuss the state of the contemporary environment through artistic representations depicting social behavior, ecology and psychology.

THE STATE: SOCIAL / ANTISOCIAL? is inspired by and, a continuation from, previous shows at Traffic also titled ‘the state’. This exhibition resumes a dialogue explored earlier in shows held at Traffic: THE STATE(2010), the inaugural exhibition, questioned the socio-political state post September 11; anTHE STATE: UPPERS & DOWNERS(2011) ran a commentary on the global condition, from an economic perspective, with the city of Dubai as a focal point. This third installment of investigation combines works from the collection of The Third Line, Traffic and The Farook Collection, and is exhibited at both galleries to connect the conversations previously limited to one physical space.