Past Exhibition / Lamya Gargash


November 23 - December 31, 2009

  • LG_Blue Purple Chair _2005-2006_C-prints _60x 60cm _650

  • LG_Holy Sink Light _2005-2006_C-prints _60x 60cm _650

  • LG_Meelas Yadee _2005-2006_C-prints _60x 60cm _650

  • LG_My Great Grandmothers Bathroom _2005-2006_C-prints _60x 60cm _650

  • LG_The Sofa _2005-2006_C-prints _60x 60cm _650

  • LG_The Staircase _2005-2006_C-prints _60x 60cm _650


The Third Line is proud to present Presence, the exhibition and debut book launch by Emirati artist, Lamya Gargash. Gargash’s photographic series documents unwanted houses and structures in the United Arab Emirates that have been abandoned or left for demolition. 

The images represent a culture that developed after the oil boom nearly thirty years ago that now stands unwanted, providing a narrative that delves beyond the walls and into the lives that they once contained. The bookPresence by Lamya Gargash, has been made possible with the support of The Emirates Foundation, Anasy Media Production and H.E. Dr. Anwar M. Gargash.