Past Exhibition / Hayv Kahraman

Pins and needles

October 28 - December 20, 2010

  • HK_Hold Still _2010_Oil On Linen _106.6x 172.7cm _650

  • HK_Iron _2010_Oil On Panel _127x 91.4 Cm _650

  • HK_Leveled Leisure _2010_Oil On Wooden Panel _204x 153cm _Detail 1_650

  • HK_Pic Up Stix _2010_Oil On Panel _116.8x 132cm _650

  • HK_Stilts _2010_Oil On Linen _203.2x 154.2cm

  • HK_String Figures _2010_Oil On Wooden Panel _147.3x 204cm _650

  • HK_String Figures _2010_Oil On Wooden Panel _147.3x 204cm _Detail 1_650

  • HK_Threading My Mustache _2010_Oil On Wooden Panel _112x 87cm _650

  • B_DSC0019_650


For her debut solo exhibition in the UAE, Kahraman presents yet another powerful series this time focusing on one of the divisions in the field of feminist anthropology: the examination of gender maturity by the separation of the biological from the cultural factors which control human behavior and identity. 

By adding an element of subtle cynicism to this each work incorporates the innocence of childhood games that anchor on the concerns of conditioned behavior and gender roles. To view a trailer by ikonoTV of the works, please see here...