Past Exhibition / Susan Hefuna

Patience is Beautiful

April 23 - May 18, 2008

  • SH_The Absence Will Continue For Ever (Ana Wa Inta Baeed )_2007_Textile , Egyptian Cotton _100x 150cm _detail _650

  • SH_Ana Fi Intizarak _2007_Textile , Egyptian Cotton _100x 150cm _detail _650

  • SH_Knowledge Is Sweeter Than Honey _2007_Textile , Egyptian Cotton _100x 150cm _detail _650

  • SH_Lil Sabr Hudood _2007_Textile , Egyptian Cotton _100x 150cm _650

  • SH_ANGST_2007_Hand Made Wood Carving , Ink _210x 210cm _650

  • SH_Al Sabr Gamil _2007_Hand Made Wood Carving , Ink _140x 170cm _650

  • SH_Anagram (02)_2007_Ball Point Pen On Tracing Paper _27.5x 19.5cm _650

  • SH_Anagram (07)_2007_Ball Point Pen On Tracing Paper _27.5x 19.5cm _650

  • SH_Anagram (08)_2007_Ball Point Pen On Tracing Paper _27.5x 19.5cm _650

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  • Patience -is -Beautiful ,-April -2008


Susan Hefuna’s exhibition Patience is Beautiful is an exploration of self expression, identity and displacement as the artist explores her German-Egyptian heritage through works in wood, bronze, textiles and drawings.

The mashrabiya has always been a prominent feature in Hefuna’s work, eliciting ideas of displacement and longing. A fundamental part of Islamic architecture, the mashrabiya was made to protect the interior from heat and light, and improve the circulation of air whilst simultaneously protecting women from public view and allowing an interaction of sorts with the outside world. In Hefuna’s work, the mashrabiya becomes a symbol, the state of being simultaneously included and excluded by both society and self-imposed ‘rules’.

This exhibition has been generously supported by Deutsche Bank.