Past Exhibition / Hayv Kahraman


May 07 - June 10, 2009

  • HK_Denounced Ideal _2009_Oil On Linen With Thread , Needles _66 Cm Diameter , 91 Threads Hanging To 150 Cm With Needles 7 Cm Long

  • HK_DEN~3

  • HK_Combing _2008_Oil On Linen _172.7x 106.7cm _650

  • HK_Cooking _Oil On Linen _2008_116.8x 193cm _650

  • HK_Folding Flying Sheet _2009_Oil On Linen _177.8x 86.4cm _650

  • HK_Hegemony _2009_Oil On Linen _132.1x 218.4 Cm _650

  • HK_Tomato Offer _2008_Oil On Linen _177.8x 86.4cm _650


Hayv Kahraman’s previous work has explored themes of female oppression with particular reference to focused on the banality of domestic life.

Using oil on linen canvas and distinct tones of vibrant colour covered with intricate designs,rominent, timeworn eyes and elongated necks represent the archetypical image of the swan; the women are graceful and elegant, yet dwell in an ambiguous existence between despair and respectable obedience.