Past Exhibition / Group Show

Long Distance: Between Location and Emotion

May 31 - July 01, 2007

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  • AAk _Exposures (10) Ground Bloom Fowers _2007_63.5x 101.5cm _650

  • AAk _Neighborhood Fires (03) _2007_22x 28cm _650

  • AAk _Single Channel Video Projection (4)_2006_650

  • AAk _Single Channel Video Projection (1)_2006_650


Artists: Remi Arora, Abbas Akhavan

An interdisciplinary double-bill, this exhibition investigates links between the body and the memory that it carries and is the result of a multi-faceted three-way exchange via e-mail, telephone, mp4 transmission, instant messenger and MySpace, anchored in the notion of correspondence as a means of artistic collaboration. While the respective practices of artists Remi Arora and Abbas Akhavan are quite disparate, common language emerged throughout our conversations with them as they were both drawn to explore the potential for emotional intensity inherent within even the most generic of places. 

Arora's video works are the result of a series of nocturnal stake-outs conducted in front of empty parking lots, abandoned gas stations, strip malls, and motels. 

Akhavan's work blurs the lines between euphoria and anxiety indulging the viewer with a slowed down grandiose series of color splatters that burn the sky, addressing the discomfort our bodies feel confused by identical stimuli loud vibrations, flashing lights etc. that takes us from the bombed streets of Lebanon to a national celebration in Canada.