Past Exhibition / Golnaz Fathi

Golnaz Fathi

September 21 - October 19, 2006

  • GF_Untitled XXV (Qabbani Black )_2006_Acrylic On Canvas _29x 20cm Each _650

  • GF_Untitled (small Works 5)_2006_Acrylic On Canvas _20x 20cm _650

  • GF_Untitled (small Works 11)_2006_Acrylic On Canvas _20x 20cm _650

  • GF_Untitled (small Works 17)_2006_Acrylic On Canvas _20x 20cm _650

  • GF_Untitled XIII_2006_Acrylic On Canvas _150x 142cm _650

  • GF_Untitled (small Nizar )_2006_Acrylic On Canvas _24x 17.5cm _650

  • GF_Untitled (small Works 16)_2006_Acrylic On Canvas _20x 20cm _650

  • GF_Untitled XI_2006_Acrylic On Canvas _120x 120cm _650

  • GF_Untitled XXXXVI Qabbani Scrolls , Triptych 2_2006_100x 55cm Each _650


Golnaz Fathi's newest works are inspired by the late, great Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani and incorporated into an installation for her second solo exhibition at the gallery. Fathi returns with her signature style of incomprehensible calligraphic text masquerading across large canvases as language. However, whereas last time areas of bright red, blue and yellow jostled for centre stage with the scatterbrain script, simple black and white now dominate the odd blot of scarlet. 

The show's focal point is the Qabbani room; an enclosed homage to the contemporary poet and his prolific legacy celebrating Arab womanhood through unique and sensual verse. The space specially created for The Third Line is enveloped in stimuli, from the rose petals underfoot to an imposing tricolour painting echoing the Syrian flag to a blank canvas whose lettering has tumbled to the floor. Fathi's talent is in expression through interpretation. Where there are no words, there is meaning through form and palette. She won't spell it out. Literally.