Past Exhibition / Group Show

From Egypt With Love

November 03 - November 22, 2006

  • From -Egypt -With -Love _Huda -Lutfi _Installation -shot -4

  • From -Egypt -With -Love _Susan -Hefuna _Installation -shot -38

  • From -Egypt -With -Love _Susan -Hefuna _Installation -shot -43

  • From -Egypt -With -Love _Susan -Hefuna _Installation -shot -44

  • From -Egypt -With -Love _Susan -Hefuna _Installation -shot -52

  • From -Egypt -With -Love _Huda -Lutfi _Installation -shot -2


Artists: Susan Hefuna, Huda Lutfi

Timelines are compressed and icons subverted in this prestigious double-bill reflecting dualities of past and present, mixed identities and cross-cultures. 

Self-referentially lodged between two worlds is German/Egyptian artist Susan Hefuna whose series of mashrabiyas both actual structures and photographic depictions - have won critical acclaim, not least by the Louvre, who in 2004/5 included her alongside 12 other selected international artists for the favourable Counterpoint show. 

Huda Lutfi, meanwhile, is an urban archeologist of a very different kind: rummaging through old artifacts and throwaway items in Cairo's markets, factories and antique shops, she flattens periods of history by calling up Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic, Greek and Ottoman eras in one single image.