Past Exhibition / Pouran Jinchi


January 16 – February 14, 2008

  • PJ_Headgear (Louis Vuitton I)_2005_Gouache On Paper _76.2x 58.42cm _ 650

    Pouran Jinchi, Headgear (Louis Vuitton I), 2005, Gouache on paper, 76.2 x 58.42 cm

  • PJ_Headgear (Burberry 2) _2007_Gouache On Paper _76.2x 58.42cm _650

    Pouran Jinchi, Headgear (Burberry 2), 2007, Gouache On Paper, 76.2 x 58.42 cm

  • PJ_Pattern II_ 2007_Gouache On Clayboard _30.48x 30.48cm _650

    Pouran Jinchi, Pattern II, 2007, Gouache on Clayboard, 30.48 x 30.48 cm

  • PJ_Pattern III_ 2007_Gouache On Clayboard _ 30.48x 30.48cm _650

    Pouran Jinchi, Pattern III, 2007, Gouache on Clayboard, 30.48 x 30.48 cm

  • PJ_Dual Pattern II_2007_Gouache On Clayboard _35.56x 27.94cm _650

    Pouran Jinchi, Dual Pattern II, 2007, Gouache on Clayboard, 35.56 x 27.94 cm


Pouran Jinchi incorporates delicately crafted paintings of patterned and branded fabrics with traditional calligraphy and Islamic geometric design to form her own unique line of post modern headgear. By focusing on the garment and labelling, Jinchi reconfigures these high end lifestyle items in an effort to articulate a personalised identity, so much so, that the wearer of these garments disappears and only the object remains. 

In this series, Jinchi examines the blending of her ancient language and the new language of commercialism where, Nike, Burberry and ancient calligraphy morph into one creating customary head gear – these gauche of paper works make comment of ethnic marketing, deconstructing notions of identity and renegotiating how these identities are formed in a globalised society.

Other works in this series feature the intricately composed patterns where ornate thread-like lines weave in and out forming a macro view of the fabric. Jinchi then creates another layer to these works by adding calligraphy based forms with their fluid and aesthetically formed design.