Past Exhibition / Fouad Elkoury

Civilisation (fake=real)

December 02 - December 22, 2006

  • FE_Construction At Night _2005_Lambda Print _100x 124cm _Ed .of 13_650

  • FE_Emaar Ad & Workers _2005_Lambda Print _50x 60cm _Ed .of 13_650

  • FE_Horses _2005_Lambda Print _90x 112cm _Ed .of 13_650

  • FE_Hotel Window _2005_Lambda Print _90x 112cm _Ed .of 13_650

  • FE_Red Camel _2005_Lambda Print _50x 60cm _Ed .of 13_650

  • FE_Satwa (dyptich , Right Side )_2005_Lambda Print _40x 120cm _Ed .of 13_650

  • FE_Sheikh Zayed Skyscrapers At Night _2005_Lambda Print _80x 100cm _Ed .of 13_650

  • FE_Station At Dusk _2005_Lambda Print _60x 75cm _Ed .of 13_650

  • FE_Wave Building _2005_Lambda Print _ 60x 75cm _Ed .of 13_650

  • Fouad _Fountain _Lambda Print _650

  • Fouad -Elkoury _Petrol -station -at -dusk -&-Canopy _2005_Lambda -print _60x 75cm _Ed .of 13


In 1982, he covered the Israeli invasion of Beirut and in 1984 published Beyrouth Aller-Retour, a book documenting the bomb-shocked city - a prelude to his sophomore project Beirut City Centre in 1991, and ignited a distinguished bibliography which continues to this day.

Elkoury created the Beirut-based Arab Image Foundation in 1997, and in 2001 introduced video into his repertoire with the filmLettres à Francine to accompany the chiaroscuro-esque photographic series Sombre, withMoving Out (2003) and Welcome to Beirut (2005) to follow.