Past Exhibition / Susan Hefuna

Cairo Dreams 2011

April 27 - June 16, 2011

  • SH_Cairo Dreams

  • SH_Structure IV_2011_Aluminium _29x 16cm _650

  • SH_Structure V_2011_Aluminium _33x 13cm _650

  • SH_Drawing 8_2011_Mold Made Paper _31.5x 31.5cm _650

  • SH_Drawing 13_2011_Mold Made Paper _31.5x 31.5cm _650

  • SH_Drawing 21_2011_Mold Made Paper _31.5x 31.5cm _650

  • SH_Patience Is Beautiful _2011_Bronze _15x 141x 1.5cm _Ed .1of 3_650

  • SH_Drawing 20_2011_Mold Made Paper _31.5x 31.5cm _650


Susan Hefuna returns to The Third Line with an exhibition of aluminum sculptures and ink drawings in Cairo Dreams 2011. Her new body of work is as dynamic as it is personal, dealing subtly with fragility and vulnerability. She tackles the complexity of capturing and preserving a present moment in time through aluminum and ink. 

Her works navigate through space, travel the mind and capture the unedited. The works navigate between architectural spaces and compositions of equilibrium, whilst guided by and through the human mind and body.