Fouad Elkoury, 2017


Passing Time looks back at 60 years (from 1960 – 2017) of photographs taken in Lebanon by artist Fouad Elkhoury, Elkhoury is still constantly taking photographs, walking, and writing. The walking is so that he can tell stories, so that encounters come his way, and for the sensation of time passing by — a feeling captured in the Arabic phrase mourour al zaman (the passage of time). Walking, wandering, and assimilating the world bring the magic into operation — and the photos happen almost by themselves. This is why he speaks of “taking photos almost blind”, as if his arm was in charge and his eyes didn’t need to be there, underscoring the fact that “the scene comes to me. All the photos came to me. I don’t compose.".

It took eight months of research for the curators, Manal Khader and Gregory Buchakjian, to excavate the 160 photographs of this book - most of which have never been published before -, from the 50 000 images, meticulously numbered and labeled, of the artist’s archive. The publication is suffused with emotion, and was realized in close collaboration with the artist.


Published by: KAPH books

Language: English, Arabic & French

ISBN: 978-614-8035-04-3

AED 315