Zineb Sedira

  • Zineb Sedira _Guiding Light _2014_Video _still _650

    Zineb Sedira, Guiding Light, 2014, Single screen video projection + a boat (sand object) on a plinth, Still

  • Zined Sedira, Sugar Silo Diptych, 2013 Digital Ctypes, 200 x 160 cm each

    Zined Sedira, Sugar Silo, 2013, Diptych, Digital C-types, 200 x 160 cm each

  • Zineb -Sedira _Sugar -Routes _2013_Digital -C-types _144x 180cm8

    Zineb Sedira, Sugar Routes (2), 2013, Digital C-type, 180 x 144 cm

  • Zineb -Sedira _Sugar -Routes -II_2013_2-Objects -in -cane -sugar _2-

    Zineb Sedira, Sugar Routes II, 2013, 2 objects in cane sugar, Anchor: 31 x 21 cm, Propeller: 11 x 23 cm. Installation View at Delfina Foundation, London

  • Zineb -Sedira _Museum -of -Traces -II_2013_Installation -View

    Zineb Sedira, Boats 1, 2010, C-print, 120 x 100 cm

  • Zineb Sedira _Transmettre En Abyme _Installation View _650

    Zineb Sedira, Sugar Surfaces (5), 2013, Digital C-type, 144 x 180 cm

  • Zineb -Sedira _-Lighthouse -in -the -Sea -of -Time ---Partie -II-The -Life -of -a -Lighthouse -Keeper _2011

    Zineb Sedira, Transmettre En Abyme, 2012, Three screen video installation, Still

  • Zineb -Sedira _Dead -End _-2010_Installation -with -100-light -boxes -and -electric -cables _Detail _4

    Zineb Sedira, Dead End, 2010, Installation with 100 light boxes and electric cables (Detail)

  • Zineb -Sedira _Gardiennes -d 'images -(Image -Keepers )_2010_Installation -view

    Zineb Sedira, Gardiennes d'Images (Image Keepers), 2010, Three screen video projection with sound. Installation View at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

  • Zineb -Sedira _Maritine -Nonsense -and -Other -Aquatic -Tales _2009_Triptych _C-prints -mounted -on -aluminium _120x 100-each

    Zineb Sedira, Maritime Nonsense and Other Aquatic Tales, 2009, Triptych, C-prints mounted on aluminum, 120 x 100 each

  • Zineb Sedira _Haunted House 1_2006_C-print _100x 80cm

    Zineb Sedira, Haunted House (1), 2006, C-print, 80 x 100 cm

  • Zineb -Sedira _Mother ,-Daughter -and -I_2003_Triptych -1_C-print -mounted -on -aluminium_

    Zineb Sedira, Mother Tongue, 2002, 3 screens installation with headphones. Installation view